COVID Update: All our locations are open for in-person classes in a safe, controlled, COVID-free environment. We also have an online/in-person hybrid program available for service-disabled veterans (click here).

Career Advocates

Guided Support Throughout Your Journey

From your first contact with STRAC Institute, a Career Advocate will be assigned to you. Along the way, your Career Advocate will:

  • Interview you in person or by phone to determine your interests and to see if our program is a good fit for you.
  • Assist you with an application to STRAC Institute.
  • If you are a service-disabled veteran, they will help you apply for benefits under the VA Veterans Rehabilitation and Employment program.
  • If you are a civilian, your CA will explain any funding options that may be available.
  • Monitor your progress, coordinate with the instructors, address any noted problems, and listen to your concerns.

A Tailored Experience

Closer to graduation, your Career Advocate will review your employment preferences. You may wish to relocate to a particular city, or you may prefer to limit your choices to a specific region of the country. Some graduates prefer one market segment over others or are set on working for the largest employer with an opening.

Guaranteed Guidance & Preparation

Your CA, along with your instructors, will assist you with resume and interview preparation, including practice interviews. You will be advised on proper appearance and conduct, phone and email etiquette, and how to follow-up on an interview. If you receive an offer of employment, they will discuss with you the best way to proceed and maximize your potential.

Once your employment profile is established, your Career Advocate will go to work on your behalf using a variety of resources, including their contacts at more than 170+ companies across the country.

After you are hired, you will discover why we call them Career Advocates.

Our Career Advocates will support you and all fellow students throughout the program.
Examples of their support come in the form of:


Resume Prep

Our Career Advocates will assist in helping build a strong resume up-to current industry standards


Skills Training

Our Career Advocates will help build career and interview skills training with all students prior to graduation


Employer Matching

Our Career Advocates will accommodate soon-to-be graduates in employer matching and coordination

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