COVID Update: All STRAC locations are open for in-person classes in a safe, controlled environment. Learn about our online/in-person hybrid program here.

STRAC Institute
Formerly known as VAe
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You’re Not Alone

We are each other’s allies. Career Advocates, instructors, students, VA counselors and employers come together to form a community completely focused on helping one another succeed. We demonstrate support through direct advice, timely guidance and respectful encouragement to make sure we all cross the finish line.

Career Advocates

Through our practice of engaged advocacy, we provide guidance, support, and career placement assistance by assigning a Career Advocate to you on Day One. To find out why STRAC Institute is an employment program and not a jobs training program, click here to learn more about what our advocates do for you.


Whether it be teacher, coach, or mentor, our instructors wear many hats and are an important part of the STRAC community. To learn more about how our instructors support you and your fellow students, click here.


The employers who hire our graduates validate everything that STRAC works towards. To learn more about the employers who are part of our community, click here.

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