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Are you an unemployed veteran without VA educational benefits? If so, your tuition may be covered under the newly passed VRRAP. Please call Lisa Smith at (401) 369-5999 for details.



At STRAC Institute, we are committed to supporting and sharing your efforts towards improving the lives of our veterans by helping them find meaningful suitable employment.

We understand that as a VRC, you are responsible for the veterans you refer to us, and we believe that your veterans deserve our very best every day. The work that our Career Advocates perform reflects that belief.

You will receive timely progress reports, and the CA will do all that they can to keep your veterans on the path to success.

You can expect our Advocate to guide, mentor, and coach your veterans from the first contact through graduation and beyond. Career Advocates are lifetime advocates, and STRAC will always have someone available to meet the ongoing needs of our graduates.

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