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Five Months to a New Career

The quickest path to a highly valuable career in electronics.

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Five Months to a New Career

The quickest path to a highly valuable career in electronics.

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We prepare you for success.

At STRAC Institute, our mission is to provide students with a clear path to a successful career in electronics. Our certified electronics technician school combines coursework and hands-on training. We help you quickly master industry skills and earn certifications that make you highly valuable to employers.

Why pursue a career in electronics?

Be in High Demand

The demand for certified electronics technicians continues to grow across companies and industries. Today, the electronics manufacturing sector supports over 5 million U.S. jobs. In recent years, electronics repair was the highest paying postsecondary non-degree occupation in the country.

Electronics Are Everywhere

We’ve only scratched the surface of what electronics and machinery can do when combined. From what we use, ride in and even live in, electronics are everywhere – and still in their infancy. A career in electronics will prepare you for both what’s now and what’s next.

Go Almost Anywhere

Careers in electronics exist across countless industries, from avionics and automobiles, to oil, amusement parks, conveyor systems, gaming equipment and more.

STRAC at a Glance

earn 13 certifications
4 months average program length
170 plus companies who have hired our graduates
83 percent graduation rate
83 percent graduation rate
83 percent graduation rate
*2019 statistics. Verification upon request.

Why Choose STRAC?

Speed & Flexibility

Be career-ready within five months.

Earn 13 industry-recognized electronics certifications after a short, but rigorous 4 or 5 month program, so you can start working and earning sooner.

Learn More See the 13 industry-recognized certifications our students earn.


Learn to both build and fix.

Our unique program prepares you for a versatile career on both the manufacturing and technician sides of electronics, something many other certified electronics technician programs don’t offer.

Learn More Click here to check out the STRAC advantage over two and four-year schools.

Military Roots

Learn to lead.

Our military roots keep us focused on training well-organized, well-turned-out leaders who can be depended on for good performance. That’s why our graduates are hired by companies like SpaceX, Land Rover and Raytheon.

Learn More What is your time worth? Click here to see time and money well spent.

Community Support

We have your back.

STRAC Career Advocates, instructors and students are your allies, committed to helping you succeed in the program and transition to a rewarding new career. And, it’s not “one and done.” You’ll get lifetime career placement.

Learn More Our Career Advocates will lead you all the way to a new career.

We Get You Hired

Our certified electronics technician school turns out high-caliber graduates who get hired for entry and mid-level positions with over 180 companies, including SpaceX, Land Rover, and Raytheon.
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Why I Chose Strac

I chose STRAC Institute for the exceptional training and the skills that I’ve acquired. From the Career Advocates to the instructors, nothing is less than top-notch. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend STRAC to any student who has an interest in electronics.

– Khalil Harris


After more than 24 years working as an engineering technician in various fields, Khalil Harris built on his existing knowledge with STRAC. “… I’ve learned other aspects about this field that I didn’t know.” Following graduation, Khalil landed a job with CUES, Inc., a world-leading manufacturer of pipeline inspection equipment.

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October 2020

As Veterans Assembled Electronics, we were awarded the U.S. Department of Labor HIRE Vets Platinum Medallion Award for hiring veterans. This is the only federal-level veterans employment award that recognizes a company’s commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and...

September 2020

The Rhode Island Regional Office of Disabled American Veterans awarded Veterans Assembled Electronics the Small Employer of the Year award that honors veteran-friendly companies that hire and train veterans.