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Formerly known as VAe
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STRAC Institute

Formerly known as VAe

About us

The mission of STRAC Institute is to prepare students for a sustained career

By immersing them in any of our comprehensive programs, students earn demonstrable industry skills, enabling them to make contributions to their community, family and self. The STRAC Institute’s unique training program will ensure graduates are not only certified, but are also leaders amongst their colleagues.

STRAC Institute is open to both veteran
and non-veteran students

Through our practice of engaged advocacy, we provide guidance, support, and career placement assistance by assigning every student to a Career Advocate. To find out why STRAC Institute is an employment program and not a jobs training program, click here to learn more about the role of our advocates.


Veteran Owned with Industry Experience

STRAC Institute’s training program was born out of one veteran’s desire to build a business that would allow him to continue serving his country and helping his fellow veterans. In 2009 John Shepard founded Veterans Assembled electronics to fulfill Department of Defense contracts for modernizing electronics on legacy systems; one of those contracts was for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Newport. Intent on hiring disabled veterans to do the design and manufacturing, Shepard designed a specialized curriculum to train veterans in skills essential to the electronics industry.

Industry-Driven Curriculum

Since 2010, our training mission has been to prepare service-disabled veterans for a sustained career. The company’s program is unique: immersion training in the classroom and lab is 40 hours a week for 4-5 months with a curriculum that is industry-driven and responsive to the evolving nature of employer demands. Our training ensures graduates are certified in the knowledge and demonstrable skills common to the electronics industry and are leaders among their peers.

Open to Everyone

In March 2020, after having graduated more than 365 disabled veterans, STRAC Institute was approved as a proprietary school across all sites and opened its doors to non-veterans for the first time. Today the STRAC Institute is open to everyone, non-veterans, and veterans alike.

The acronym “STRAC” recognizes our focus on Skills TRaining And Certification.

STRAC Institute is headquartered in Providence, RI, and currently operates training centers in Florida and North Carolina as well.